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Welcome to Connect Schools Academy Trust (CSAT), a Trust that believes in fostering high standards within the context of our individual schools and their communities. We believe in giving children the best opportunities and experiences alongside excellent core skills. We strive to ensure all children leave our schools with a passion and love for learning that will stay with them as they grow and will support them in aiming high and achieving their dreams in the future.


CSAT is driven by a clear Trust vision to power inspirational learning that feeds the mind, develops curiosity and fosters a determination to succeed. We have strong values that focus on excellence, assertive collaboration, the whole child, momentum and a strong desire to be an active part of the community.


CSAT is a Trust that supports individuality in its schools yet there is a clear common purpose that all leaders support all children across CSAT. As a Trust we recognise that we are stronger together and we use this strength to ensure all schools have access to the highest quality CPD and resources needed.


For our Trust to be sustainable we recognise the need to have highly skilled teachers. We are a registered school direct provider and this enables us to grow our own teachers from the beginning, always then having the quality of teaching staff needed, to benefit our children.


Each school has a highly bespoke curriculum that is relevant to its community. These curriculums have been well thought out with clear Trust end points for each subject. Curriculums ensure that learning is regularly revisited and lessons taught build on previous learning. Our curriculums are engaging and inspire children to recognise their strengths and areas of interest across a wide range of subjects.


We are a Trust that is outward looking and we are involved in many partnerships that support the provision we offer. We are constantly striving to expand these partnerships to ensure that our children have access to the very best on offer.

CSAT is a happy and vibrant community of educators that have a passion and strong moral purpose to do their best for children.


If you would like to know any more about us please give us a call, we would be delighted to speak to you.


Andrea Harris


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