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    Connect Schools Academy Trust and Compass Academy Trust are combining!

    27 March 2024 (by admin)

    The MOSAIC Schools Learning Trust is going to be formed in September 2024 from the combination of Connect Schools Academy Trust and Compass Academy Trust to form a new dynamic Trust of ten strongly performing schools across Bromley and Kent.

    The new Trust is to be established following a strong collaborative partnership between the two Trusts over the last three years that has grown into a strong desire to combine our collective resources to being stronger together, continuing to grow and to advance education for the public benefit.

    The Trust will develop a strong MAT vision and a shared culture through Core Values and Key Principles, whilst retaining the identity and uniqueness of each of the Academies within their respective communities. However, we know that strong collaboration and sharing of expertise and resources across the Trust will be key to ongoing success and, where alignment is beneficial, we will adopt that.

    At the heart of the Trust is the focus on school improvement, staff development and ensuring that our pupils receive the absolute best educational experience. We will not allow ourselves to become complacent but adhere to a philosophy of continual improvement.

    We are a family of schools with a plan for further growth and aim to welcome more primary Academies and more primary children into our MAT over the next few years. As schools join our MAT, they will be expected to share our vision and values and their skills and expertise with other Academies within the Trust.

    We are already seeing some of the changes that will come from the new Trust; please see the links to our new Business Plan, and to the Mosaic Teaching Partnership.   We aim to publish updates on our progress as these happen.