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All the schools in the Connect Schools Academy Trust are vibrant and exciting, with their own very individual characteristics.   They share fundamental values, some of which we are showcasing here - please take a look at the exciting projects and get a feel for our amazing schools!

Our Schools care about the Environment!

In every school in CSAT, we care about environmental issues and are committed to helping to protect our planet. In whatever way we can, we are changing a few small things to make a big difference. Each school, through their School Council or Eco-Council, have a termly focus on tackling an environmental issue. Through this, we hope that each school will have a positive impact on their children by:

  • Engaging young people in important environmental issues.
  • Demonstrating to pupils that environmental actions can be enjoyable, social and rewarding.
  • Teaching responsibility and generating a sense of community.
  • Developing the skills and knowledge young people need to play an active role in protecting their environment now and throughout their lifetimes.
  • Empowering students with the belief that they can have a positive impact on our planet.
  • Enabling schools to green their curriculum.

Independent research has also found that pupil participation in Eco-Schools leads to:

  • Increased confidence.
  • Development of leadership skills.
  • Improved behaviour.
  • Greater motivation at school.

We strive for every school in CSAT to have the same Eco-Schools opportunities and therefore aim to be consistent in our approach throughout. Each school hopes, eventually, to achieve the Eco-Award (Bronze, Silver and then Green Flag) which is a nationally recognised award.

So, what are we doing?

Cage Green, Crofton Infants, Crofton Juniors, Raglan, River Mill and Valley have each formed Eco-Committees made up of keen and committed children across their school. They have put together an Action Plan with a focus on making big changes that will impact positively on the environment in and around school.

Each school’s Action plan focus:

Cage Green: Litter, Marine pollution and Transport

Crofton Infants: Biodiversity, Litter and Recycling Paper

Crofton Juniors: Litter, Energy and Biodiversity

Raglan: Recycling, Clothes Swap Shop, Maintaining of nature around the school grounds

River Mill: Eco-Champions, Litter, Walk to School

Valley: Recycling paper, Food Waste, Bird Feeders

Crofton’s Gone Green!

Crofton Junior School has had an amazing year. A year that has seen the Eco-Committee drive many different projects to make their school community a better place. They set up and took part in the Great British Spring Clean. From this, the Eco-Committee signposted children to the Petts Wood Community Litter Collection to encourage litter picking in the local community. As a result, Crofton Juniors has successfully set up a regular litter picking club at lunchtimes which has made a massive difference to the appearance of the school. There are now Eco-Monitors in every classroom who are responsible for turning off the lights and IWB, with a real focus on saving energy wherever they can. The Woodland Rangers and the PTA created a pond, bug houses and bat/bird boxes. The Woodland Rangers monitor the wildlife in the woodlands and litter pick to ensure the wildlife can flourish. Crofton Juniors took part in a BIG DIG and planted 470 hedges/trees. The Eco-Committee has inspired and motivated the school community wherever and whenever they can.

Crofton Junior School is now 23 points down on energy consumption and has been awarded the Green Flag by Eco-Schools, a well-deserved recognition for all their hard work. What an amazing achievement from all the members of the Eco-Committee, the school community for doing their bit to make positive changes and their Eco Leaders Miss Sweetlove and Miss King.

Raglan Eco-School News

It has been a busy Eco-friendly year at Raglan Primary School. They have been working so hard doing their bit to help protect our planet.

This year has seen them implement their single use plastic recycling, make two wormeries, plant hedgerow, litter pick, compost all their fruit waste and hold a super successful swap shop!

Swap Don’t Shop at Raglan

Raglan’s Eco Council held their 2nd Swap Shop this January with great success. They swapped books, games, dressing up clothes, wellie boots and so much more. They also sold refreshments, plants and lavender bags which were made from preloved school uniform and lavender grown in their front garden!

They raised over £160, which has been donated to Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre, as one of their topics this year is Global Citizenship and helping in the wider community.

An amazing achievement Raglan – well done!


After such a successful year, the school applied, and were awarded with a distinction, the Green Flag from Eco-Schools! A massive congratulations to everyone at the school for all their amazing hard work.

PHOTO GALLERY - A selection of photographs from our schools, showcasing their Eco plans 

The Raglan community brought items they no longer wanted into school, and swapped them! A great way of stopping perfectly good things ending up in landfill.

Crofton Infants Eco-Committee proudly display their Eco Schools Flag!